Get Node for your property

There are 3 main stages to activating your property with Node:


Request a free property assessment

Every property is different, so a crucial first step in working out how Node can make the greatest impact for you is to have one of our engineers visit your building to carry out an assessment.

We'll carry out the assessment and send you a report detailing your current connectivity setup and how we can help, free of charge. Not only does this allow us to make the best recommendations but it's a great way to get to know one another.

Request a survey


Activate your building by upgrading your connectivity infrastructure to Node

Once you've looked through our proposal, if you are happy to continue, our team of engineers will fit or refit your building's network infrastructure to bring it up to date and future-proofed based upon industry specifications, best practices and latest technology.

Whether your building is still in development or is already occupied with tenants, we can work with you to design and implement the right solution for your building.


All of your property's connectivity, managed by our expert team

Once your Node is set up and active in your building, our team takes over responsibility for all of your building's connectivity infrastructure, from managing wayleaves to routing connections and maintaining the building's fibre infrastructure.

Our Property portal allows property managers to have full visibility on their building's Node setup, from the current state of wayleave and access requests to what suppliers are connected to the building.

Let's start with a free survey

We want to understand what you are looking for and how best we can help your building get enabled with Node. One of our team will come out and visit the building and provide you with a report of the building's current network requirements and what a Node setup in the building would look, free of charge.

Newbuild / Building under construction? Even better - one of our team can go through your current plans provide a report based on that.

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Questions? Let's have a chat

Contact our team by emailing [email protected] or calling 0330 2290 780